U. of Michigan Settles Lawsuit Filed by Dismissed Graduate Student

The University of Michigan at Ann Arbor will pay $165,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Jennifer Dibbern, a graduate student who was dismissed from the university’s engineering program in 2011, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. Half of the money will go to her lawyers, according to documents obtained by the AP.

The university settled with Ms. Dibbern before a trial, scheduled for June, and after many of her claims had been dismissed by a judge, the AP reported. Ms. Dibbern, who was a doctoral student in materials science and engineering, had accused the university of retaliating against her for her union activity and for her efforts to change the its anti-harassment policy, reported the AP.

The university denied those claims and said Ms. Dibbern was not making progress toward her degree after four years, the AP reported. After more than three years of litigation, the university said, it had settled the lawsuit to stop accruing costs.

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