U. of Michigan’s President to Retire, as University Announces $110-Million Gift

Mary Sue Coleman, the first woman to serve as the University of Michigan’s president, will retire in July 2014, the university announced on Thursday. Ms. Coleman, who is 69, was appointed president of the three-campus institution in 2002, after having led the University of Iowa for seven years. Ms. Coleman led Michigan as the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003 decided two affirmative-action cases stemming from admissions policies at the university. During her tenure, the university also undertook a campaign to hire 100 new faculty members specializing in interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Also on Thursday, the university announced that Charles T. Munger, a prominent investor and philanthropist who is a Michigan alumnus, had pledged to give the university a $110-million gift. The university said the gift, which will finance the construction of a new graduate-student residence, was the largest single donation in its history.

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