U. of Missouri Chancellor Apologizes for Suddenly Stripping Grad Students’ Health-Care Subsidies

The University of Missouri’s chancellor apologized Monday for the way the college informed graduate students it was eliminating their health-care subsidies — giving them only one day’s notice.

“For this lack of appropriate notice and prior consultation,” wrote R. Bowen Loftin in a statement, “I apologize to you both personally and on behalf of the university’s administration.”

According to the university, the move is a result of a new interpretation of the Affordable Care Act by the Internal Revenue Service, limiting the ability of employers to subsidize health insurance. The Columbia Daily Tribune reported Saturday that the university said it would use the money it budgeted for the lost subsidies to give the employees a one-time fellowship.

Observers on social media loudly protested the sudden announcement:

Mr. Loftin responded with the apology, and by announcing the creation of a task force to “research and propose solutions for providing affordable insurance to our graduate students.”

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