U. of Missouri Professor Offers to Resign After Declining to Cancel Class

A University of Missouri professor has offered to resign after he was criticized for declining to cancel his Wednesday class with the Columbia campus on edge amid rumors of violence and online threats. The local television station KOMU reported that Dale E. Brigham, an associate teaching professor in the department of nutrition and exercise physiology, had offered to resign, but that administrators had not accepted the resignation as of Wednesday evening.

“I am just trying to do what I think is best for our students and the university as an institution,” Mr. Brigham told the station. “If my leaders think that my leaving would help, I am all for it. I made a mistake, and I do not want to cause further harm.”

In a statement to The Chronicle early Wednesday evening, Mary Jo Banken, a campus spokeswoman, said Mr. Brigham was still employed by the university.

The controversy began when a student tweeted a screenshot of an email he received from Mr. Brigham on Tuesday night, when the campus was reeling amid news of a terrorist threat on Yik Yak:

Another Twitter user tweeted a screenshot of an exchange with Mr. Brigham, in which he said that students who missed class could take the exam, and that he was quitting:

The controversy occurred amid tension following the dual resignations of Timothy M. Wolfe and R. Bowen Loftin, the university system’s president and the flagship campus’s chancellor, respectively, over allegations they hadn’t done enough to stop racism on the campus.

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