U. of New Haven Decides Not to Invite Milwaukee Sheriff to Speak

David A. Clark, sheriff of Milwaukee County, says the University of New Haven has withdrawn its invitation for him to speak at a conference there. He says it was because of his criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Connecticut university says that it had not reached an agreement for him to speak, and that the reason had to do with finances, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The university said in a Facebook post that it could not accommodate his requests, which included first-class airfare, a presidential hotel suite, and transportation from the airport in a black SUV.

The criminal-justice college at the university holds an annual conference on forensics. A faculty member asked Mr. Clark in July about being this year’s keynote speaker, but withdrew the possibility on August 3.

A New Haven spokeswoman, Karen Grava, told the Journal Sentinel that the decision had nothing to do with Mr. Clark’s rhetoric regarding Black Lives Matter.

On his blog the sheriff urged supporters to contact the university and demand that it bring him to the campus and apologize.

“So, yeah — I’m going to keep speaking out against #BlackLIESMatter — but apparently that means I’m not going to be speaking about forensics at the University of New Haven anytime soon,” Mr. Clarke wrote. “This is just the latest example of the assault on different points of view by these fascist, liberal indoctrination factories we call colleges.”

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