U. of North Carolina Reports New Potential Violations to NCAA

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced on Friday that its officials had reported additional potential violations to the NCAA that may implicate the women’s basketball and men’s soccer teams.

The university said in a written statement that, in the course of preparing to release emails from the Wainstein investigation into Chapel Hill’s academic-fraud scandal, it had uncovered “additional examples of possible instances of improper academic assistance provided to a few former women’s basketball players.” The university said the examples were “directly related” to one of the NCAA’s recent allegations against it.

“We identified this new information as part of our due diligence in preparing our response to the notice of allegations and materials for public release,” said Lawrence R. (Bubba) Cunningham, the university’s athletics director, in the statement.

The new information involving the men’s soccer team, the university said, concerned potential recruiting violations that were not related to the NCAA allegations made public in June.

Chapel Hill officials had been preparing to release the university’s response to the NCAA next week, but that response will now be delayed while the association reviews the new information. Mr. Cunningham said the university believed it would still be able to bring the NCAA’s inquiry to a close by next spring.

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