U. of Southern California Says It Will Fire Puliafito

The University of Southern California, reacting to reports of “egregious behavior” by Carmen A. Puliafito, a former dean of the medical school, told the faculty on Friday that the university would begin steps to strip him of tenure and dismiss him from the faculty, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The newspaper reported earlier this week that Dr. Puliafito, who stepped down as dean last year, had led a secret life of illicit drug use and partying with other drug users and prostitutes. He has since taken a leave of absence from the university.

In a letter to the faculty, Michael Quick, the provost, said that “this was the first time we saw such information first-hand. It is extremely troubling and we need to take serious action.” In addition, he wrote, Dr. Puliafito is “barred from our campuses and any association with USC.”

In a separate letter, the university’s president, C.L, Max Nikias, said that Debra Wong Yang, a former judge and federal prosecutor, would lead an investigation into the reports of the medical professor’s behavior.

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