U.S. Senator Raises Concerns About Student Visas in Wake of Bombings

Sen. Rand Paul, a Republican of Kentucky, on Monday sent a letter to the Senate majority leader asking if the time had come to take a “hard look” at the student-visa system after last week’s bombings at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured scores of others. Mr. Paul’s questions were part of a broader letter discussing immigration reform in light of national-security concerns arising out of the Boston attacks.

Neither of the two suspects in the attacks, one of whom is a student at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, was in the United States on a student visa. They were born in Kyrgyzstan and came with family members to the United States about a decade ago. Mr. Paul raised concerns about the student-visa system anyway, asking, “Finally, do we need to take a hard look at student visas? Should we suspend student visas, or at least those from high-risk areas, pending an investigation into the national-security implications of this program?”

In his letter, Mr. Paul called for hearings to study the national-security issues surrounding the attack, “making sure that our current immigration system gives individuals from high-risk areas of the world heightened scrutiny.”

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