U.S. Supreme Court Delays Boston College’s Release of IRA Records

Following a federal appeals court’s decision in July to uphold a ruling requiring Boston College to release to British authorities confidential interviews with former members of the Irish Republican Army, Justice Stephen G. Breyer of the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday granted a temporary stay that delays the release of some of those interviews.

In a news release, Ed Moloney, one of the researchers involved in the so-called Belfast Project, said the stay would remain in place until October 11, when the federal government responds to an application from the researchers’ lawyers asking that the release of an interview with a former IRA member, Dolours Price, be delayed until the Supreme Court decides whether it will hear the case.

Boston College is not a party to the researchers’ appeal involving the Price interview, according to a spokesman for the institution, though the college is appealing a second subpoena that seeks parts of seven other interviews with former IRA members. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit heard that appeal this month, and the college is awaiting the court’s ruling.

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