UC-Irvine Reinstates Admissions Offers to Hundreds of Students

The University of California at Irvine announced on Wednesday that it was reversing a decision to rescind admissions offers to hundreds of students it had already accepted.

“Effective immediately, all students who received provisional acceptances into UCI will be fully admitted, except those whose transcripts clearly indicate that they did not meet our academic standards,” said an apologetic statement from Irvine’s chancellor, Howard A. Gillman.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the university was reinstating 290 prospective students “whose offers were withdrawn for failing to meet deadlines and other requirements for transcripts and test scores.”

The university faced withering criticism last week, after it rescinded admissions offers to some 500 would-be students just two months before the start of the fall term. Irvine officials reported that some 7,100 incoming freshmen had accepted admissions offers — 850 more than the university had anticipated — but initially appeared to reject a connection between the high yield rate and the subsequent decision to withdraw admissions offers.

“No acceptance will be withdrawn due to overenrollment, despite external reports to the contrary,” said a statement by one official last week.

Jilted applicants took to social media to voice their anger and frustration. Some observers pointed out that the university’s approach would disproportionately penalize low-income, first-generation students.

Mr. Gillman acknowledged as much in his apology on Wednesday: “The stories of our students whose college dreams were crushed by our decision to withdraw admissions to hundreds of students are heartbreaking,” he wrote. “And unacceptable.”

He outlined the standards that provisionally accepted students must meet to guarantee full admission: “No D’s or F’s their senior year; a senior-year grade-point average of at least 3.0; completion of all A-G requirements outlined by the University of California; and required test scores as indicated on the students’ admission portals.”

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