‘Washington Post’ Calls UVa President’s Ouster One of the ‘Worst Ideas of 2012′

There are still three months left in the year, but The Washington Post has already published a roundup of the 10 ideas in 2012 that led to the most “anger, embarrassment, and humiliation.” Included: Mitt Romney’s 47-percent remark, Apple’s maps fiasco, the NFL’s referee lockout, and the ouster of Teresa A. Sullivan as the University of Virginia’s president, which ranks fifth. The Post writes:

Machiavelli might have taught a few tricks to Helen Dragas, the University of Virginia rector who quietly worked to force out President Teresa Sullivan less than two years into her term. The move prompted protests, resignations and an avalanche of bad publicity for the university, whose trustees unanimously reinstated Sullivan 17 days later. Upon reflection, Dragas said: “I sincerely apologize for the way that this was presented.”

While we agree with the choice to include President Sullivan, we think it’s early days yet. There’s still plenty of time for screwups before the holidays.

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