Watch Ken Starr Get Mangled in His PR Machine

Kenneth W. Starr is having a rough week.

The former president of Baylor University (and well-known Lewinsky-era prosecutor), who announced this week that he would also resign as chancellor, sat for an interview with the local television station KWTX. He tried a couple of times to respond to the suggestion that he was made aware via an email from a female student that she was raped.

It gets awkward. Here’s the full clip, which is worth watching in its entirety:

That interview followed one on ESPN, after which Mr. Starr was slammed by observers for appearing to claim that rapes didn’t happen on Baylor’s campus because it’s alcohol-free, and for comparing Art Briles, the ousted football coach, to Abraham Lincoln, among other things.

Here’s another interview Mr. Starr did with the Waco Tribune-Herald, wherein he is asked, among other things, why he believes people are eager to get rid of him and what he believes his greatest accomplishments to be.

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