When Florida State U. Opened Up Free Parking, a Dealership Filled It With Infinitis

In the midst of hurricane preparations, Florida State University opened up its covered parking garages to those who needed a safe space to park their cars. When students, staff, and area residents showed up to park in the coveted sheltered spots, they found what reportedly amounted to the entirety of a local car dealership’s inventory, according to the FSView & Florida Flambeau, a newspaper dedicated to coverage of the university.

The university later said on Twitter that it had “addressed” the situation, and that the cars had been removed. According to the Flambeauthe dealership claimed it had received permission to put its cars there.

Internet warriors soon turned their outrage to Napleton Infiniti, the dealership involved. Numerous negative reviews, some appearing to be from local residents and some from elsewhere, were left on the dealership’s Yelp page. The dealership now has an average rating of 1.5 out of five stars. Some quotes from reviews are below:

  • “Shame on you Napleton Infinity of Tallahassee for taking up many FSU parking garage spots and preventing FSU students and it’s surrounding community from parking in one of the few options they have. FSU made those spots available to the students and citizens — not for your convenience of UNSOLD inventory.  Very disappointing!” —Melissa B. from Spring, Tex.
  • “There is no excuse for the decisions this dealership made during hurricane Irma. The owners and employees who participated in this potentialy life threatening act of parking inventory in FSU’s campus lot should be ashamed of themselves. Irmagurd, what were you thinking?! Selfish.” —Josh P. from Stafford, Tex.
  • “Scumbags, no one should buy a car from these people.” —Ben V. from New Albany, Ohio

The Flambeau reported that the Infiniti dealership had not responded to its request for comment.

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