Move Over, A-Rod and J. Lo. Meet A-Gut, Dspar, and J-Sex

Does your college’s president have a nickname? We’re not talking about one of those prep-school nicknames like “Skipper” or “Bitsy,” or a pet name given by a lover — say, “Sugar Puss” or “Bun Buns.”

We mean a nickname given or at least used by the students.

At the University of Pennsylvania, for example, President Amy Gutman is known as “A-Gut.” We’ve seen Barnard College’s Debora L. Spar referred to as “DSpar” (no hyphen, apparently). And at New York University, John Sexton is (snicker, snicker) “J-Sex.”

Which set us to wondering … what other college presidents have names that lend them to such treatment?

Here are a couple to get you started:
Bennington College President Elizabeth Coleman = “E-Cole”
President Eduardo J. Padrón of Miami Dade College = “E-Pad”

President Bobby Fong of Butler University could easily be “B-Fong,” but he already has a nickname: “BoFo.” And when William G. Bowen was president of Princeton University, students abbreviated “Bill Bowen” to “Bilbo,” though probably not to his face.

What would your president’s name be if you followed the “A-Gut” and “J-Sex” model? What clever nickname have students given your president? Tell us in the comments (but please, play nice). —Don Troop (aka D-Troo)

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