Deceit and Fraud: Totally Hilarious

For-profit colleges take a beating this week in Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury comic, a 42-year-old fixture of liberal satire. In a series of four (so far) strips, President King and another administrator lampoon a sector plagued by legal troubles, high dropout rates, and accusations of fraud. Not that nonprofits are exactly safe: The two characters work at Walden College, where only 18 percent of students graduate on time and only 35 percent graduate at all. “It’s like we’re a for-profit school,” moans King. His assistant responds, “Only without the profit, yes, sir.”

Commiseration continues with today’s strip on the disproportionately high salaries drawn by for-profit presidents.

With any luck, Friday’s strip will address the rate at which for-profits market to low-income, minority, and nontraditional students, a population that might be just right for the absurdly-leftist Walden College, where preppies are suspicious, a Glossary of Safe Speech is mandatory reading, and grades are administered under an “A+ only” policy.

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