Hear the One About the Rejected Mathematician?

Call it a scholarly “Island of Misfit Toys”: Rejecta Mathematica is an open-access online journal that publishes mathematical papers that have been rejected by others. Rejecta’s motto is caveat emptor, which is to say that the journal has no technical peer-review process.

As The Economist notes in its article on the journal, there are plenty of examples of scholars who have suffered rejection, only to go on to become giants in their field. (OK, two.) Nonetheless, if you have lots of free time on your hands, by all means, check out the inaugural issue.

And if deciphering mathematical formulae isn’t your thing, stand by: Rejecta says it may open the floodgates to other disciplines. Prospective franchisees are invited to contact the journal.

Next up: Rejecta Rejecta, a journal for articles too flawed for Rejects Mathematica, printed on single-ply toilet paper.

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