One Way to Improve Your Book Sales

When Tiger Woods took his unfortunate turn into the rough last week, you can bet he wasn’t thinking about physics. 

But as his SUV careered wildly into the bushes, off the curb, and into the fire hydrant before finally coming to rest on a tree, a copy of John Gribbin’s Get a Grip on Physics was tossing around inside the vehicle. News outlets subsequently published a photograph of the book lying on the floorboard, reports The Wall Street Journal, and its Amazon sales ranking soared an astronomical 394,000 spots. 

Mr. Gribbin, a science writer who teaches at Sussex University, tells the Guardian that while he’s glad that people are reading any of his books, ”I just wish it was one that’s still in print.” 

He tells the British newspaper that his latest book, In Search of the Multiverse, might be of more use to the beleaguered golf pro.

“Perhaps Woods will see if he can find a universe in which none of this ever happened,” suggests Mr. Gribbin. –Don Troop


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