Video Wednesday

Kissinger is a former U.S. secretary of state. Kissenger (with an “e”) is a “kiss-transmission robot” equipped with artificial lips to convey physical affection over long distances. Hooman Samani of the National University of Singapore is also at work on miniature surrogate robots for a similar purpose. We can’t wait to see where else this technology is headed.

In other robot news, students at the University of Manitoba created a robot that plays hockey. Sort of.

Via Improbable Research

Finally, Dominican University just can’t seem to get enough of Valentine’s Day. In addition to a “speed-faithing” event that was reported in this space a couple days ago, Dominican students got to, uh, experience being serenaded on Tuesday by a woman wearing a viking helmet with horns. Rose Guccione, the woman behind the voice, is an adjunct professor in Dominican’s music department and owner of

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