What Do You Want — Good Journalism or Good Taste?

The University of North Florida Spinnaker reported last week that the incidence of throat cancer is rising among people who contract the human papilloma virus through oral sex. But it was the paper’s cover photo (below), not its article, that has riled some people, according to The Florida Times-Union.

Josh Gore, the Spinnaker’s editor, says most of the complaints came from nonstudents.

“We put this on the cover to show students that HPV is a real concern with oral sex,” Mr. Gore told the Times-Union. “I think this is a real important issue to touch on, and this is the way we decided to illustrate it.”

John Delaney, president of North Florida, called the photo distasteful and inappropriate and said that he had received many complaints, mostly from women.

“It’s a student-run paper and we’re going to have some risque things. That’s what happens in a campus environment,” Mr. Delaney told the newspaper. “But this really kind of crossed a decency line.”

A high-school cheerleading camp this past weekend at the university compounded the problem, the Times-Union reported.

—Don Troop

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