Yale, the (High School) Musical

When colleges try to appeal to prospective students through advertisements, they must walk a fine line between legitimate promotion and schmaltzy marketing that opens the way for genius satire (see last year’s “Harvard By the Numbers” and the hilarious parody video it spawned).

With its campy new admissions musical, “That’s Why I Chose Yale,” Yale University proves you really can have it both ways. The video, a song-and-dance sketch that is clearly aimed at the generation weaned on High School Musical, simultaneously winks at its audience while feeding it images of successful, ebullient Elis romping across the campus like the cast of “Up With People.”

Sure, there’s been plenty of naysaying on Yale’s Cross Campus blog, and you can bet there’s already a parody or three in the works. But even Harvard’s FlyByBlog likes it. Judge for yourself:


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