10 Most-Popular Wired Campus Articles of 2011

The promise of better technology tools for the classroom, frustration over student cheating, and controversy concerning social-media on campus topped the list of popular topics here at Wired Campus in the past year.

We crunched the numbers and determined which stories scored the most readers. One thing is certain: The idea that Google might build a course-management system made people look. The story titled “Pearson and Google Jump Into Learning Management With a New, Free System” set a record here at Wired Campus, with more than 100,000 views. Days after the story ran, a spokesman for Google clarified that the company is not helping to build the course-management system, though its developers at Pearson did make the software compatible with Google’s popular services.

Here are the 10 top stories, as voted by your clicks:

1. Pearson and Google Jump Into Learning Management With a New, Free System

2. NYU Prof Vows Never to Probe Cheating Again—and Faces a Backlash

3. Students Push Their Facebook Use Further Into Course Work

4. Professors Consider Classroom Uses for Google Plus

5. Health Problems Force Professor to Pull Camera From Back of Head

6. Free for All: National Academies Press Puts All 4,000 Books Online at No Charge

7. University’s Proposed Social-Media Policy Draws Cries of Censorship

8. Reed College Seeks to Stop Copycat Web Site

9. Top 10 YouTube Videos Posted by Colleges, and What They Mean

10. A WikiLeaks Clone Takes On Higher Education

(Image: A ‘Tag Cloud’ of the headlines from the top 10 stories)

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