After Police Confiscate His Computer, Boston College Student Fights Back

A Boston College undergraduate has asked a judge in Massachusetts to invalidate a search warrant issued to the police last month that led to the seizure of the student’s computers, iPod, cellphone, digital camera, and other electronic devices.

Boston College police officers, working with state law-enforcement officers, made the search of his dormitory room as part of an investigation into allegations that the student, Riccardo Calixte, broke into a campus computer system to change grades and possessed a digital collection of pirated movies and music, among other things. No charges have been filed against Mr. Calixte.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation issued a statement this week on behalf of Mr. Calixte, whom The Chronicle could not reach for comment. Lawyers for the group, which promotes civil liberties in cyberspace, said that police officers did not have probable cause to issue the search warrant. They also complained that the large amount of devices confiscated amounted to a “fishing expedition.”

John B. Dunn, director of public affairs at the college, said the institution would not comment on the incident because it involves an “ongoing criminal investigation.” —Jeffrey R. Young

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