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How Student Video Presentations Can Build Community in an Online Course

It may sound pretty routine to convert a course to an online format, but doing so presents many unexpected challenges and can even challenge a professor’s assumptions about the nature of academic coursework.

Giving a timed test, for instance, is something that’s almost trivial in a face-to-face course but approaches impossibility in an asynchronous online course. How do you give a timed test when you don’t have fixed meeting times? (There are ways to do this, but they are almost all creepy.)…


Video: Tech Tools Students Say They Can’t Live Without

Students arrive on college campuses with multiple mobile electronic devices. And a quick scan of the Apple Apps store turns up hundreds of note-taking, assignment-sharing, and textbook applications. In this ocean of options, what education technologies are students actually using to help them navigate their studies?

The Chronicle sat down with a trio of graduate students in the communication, culture, and technology program at Georgetown University, and quizzed them about the technology tools th…


QuickWire: Internet2 Adds Video Service to Offerings for Members

Internet2, an education-technology consortium that develops and maintains networks and education and research applications, has added audio- and videoconferencing services to a portfolio of cloud-based offerings available to member colleges.

The addition of discounted services from FuzeBox, which provides online meetings, follows a pilot program at Saint Louis University in which administrators, instructors, and students used FuzeBox across the university’s campuses, in St. Louis and Madrid, to …


Sabato’s Kennedy MOOC Has a Companion Book and a TV Special

If there’s going to be a MOOC equivalent to a Hollywood blockbuster, it may well be Larry J. Sabato’s course this fall called “The Kennedy Half Century”—a course that will have as media companions an hourlong PBS documentary starring Mr. Sabato and his latest book, The Kennedy Half Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Sabato, the University of Virginia politics professor who is a frequent guest on news broadcasts, is recording about eight hours of vi…


U. of Virginia Uploads 20-Year Archive of TV Station’s News Footage

The University of Virginia’s library has unveiled a 20-year trove of digitized news footage and anchor scripts from WSLS-TV, a local station in Roanoke, Va. The online material, covering the years 1951 to 1971, includes some 3,600 clips of silent, 16-millimeter film footage in black-and-white and color, with nearly 10,000 more remaining to be digitized and uploaded.

Among the clips is July 1968 footage from a demonstration protesting a local business college's decision to deny admission to two black students.

Among the clips is July 1968 footage from a demonstration protesting a local business college’s decision to deny admission to two b…


Campus Leaders Speak Out on Value of Keeping Tech Accessible

Make sure campus technology is accessible to everyone who needs it before you adopt it. That’s one of the takeaways from a video set to premiere today at the annual Educause higher-education technology conference.

The 15-minute video, “IT Accessibility: What Campus Leaders Have to Say,” features university leaders and campus-technology staff members speaking about the importance of using technology to make college campuses more accessible. The AccessComputing project, run by the department of c…


U. of California TV Station Will Develop Original Content for YouTube

YouTube’s continuing effort to put more original videos online has expanded beyond high-profile celebrities and news outlets to include a university television station. In exchange for a $300,000 grant to the station to produce original videos, YouTube will try to recoup its investment using the oldest money-making tool in television: advertising.

The University of California system’s television station, UCTV, received the grant from YouTube to produce original videos, according to Lynn Burnst…


TED, Known for Idea Talks, Releases Educational Videos

The nonprofit group called TED, known for streaming 18-minute video lectures about big ideas, today opened a new YouTube channel designed for teachers and professors, with videos that are even shorter.

The new channel, called TED-Ed, was announced a year ago, but its leaders are only now unveiling the project’s first videos. There are only 11 as of today, but the goal is to add new ones regularly. Within three months from now, a new video could appear each day, said Chris Anderson, TED’s cu…


Could Many Universities Follow Borders Bookstores Into Oblivion?

Atlanta — Higher education’s spin on the Silicon Valley garage. That was the vision laid out in September, when the Georgia Institute of Technology announced a new lab for disruptive ideas, the Center for 21st Century Universities. During a visit to Atlanta last week, I checked in to see how things were going, sitting down with Richard A. DeMillo, the center’s director and Georgia Tech’s former dean of computing, and Paul M.A. Baker, the center’s associate director. We talked about challenges an…