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Wikipedia and Twitter Drive a Web 2.0 Whodunit

When Jeremy Boggs, a graduate student in history at George Mason University, stepped away from American Idol to look up Langston Hughes’s Wikipedia page Tuesday night, he could scarcely have imagined that he’d end up helping to inform police about a threatened school shooting in St. Louis. Then again, the Internet can be a strange place, as an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch points out.

The Post-Dispatch has a complete blow-by-blow of Mr. Boggs’s unusual evening, but here’s the quick vers…


What Does Wikipedia Mean for the Future of Expertise?

The rise of Wikipedia seems to have afflicted some scholars with a mild case of existential panic. And understandably so: When the world’s most popular reference tool is such an egalitarian outfit, that can be interpreted as a fairly stiff challenge to the value of expertise, right?

It most certainly can, writes Larry Sanger in a new article on “The Fate of Expertise After Wikipedia.” But fear not, scholars: Expertise, he says, will win out in the end.

Seasoned Wikipedia watchers are already fam…