Choosing the Best Plagiarism-Detection Tool

So many papers, so many chances to cheat. With more texts available on the Internet, there are more chances for students to take other people’s work and claim it as their own. Software programs that scan papers for scammed words are often touted as a solution. But which one fits your needs and your budget?

Now there’s a handy online comparison chart of seven anti-plagiarism tools, thanks to Educause. At the Educause 2007 Southeast Regional Conference, Liz Johnson, a project manager with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, compared Turnitin, MyDropBox, PAIRwise, EVE2, WCopyfind, CopyCatch, and Glatt. The chart notes items such as price, the databases used to search for plagiarized sections, support from the manufacturer, and whether the tool meshes with course-management software. —Josh Fischman

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