Colgate University Has an Official Twitterer. World Yawns.

Who the heck is Ajay Chahar? You may find out if you follow his life by visiting Colgate University’s home page. (Look in the bottom-right corner.)

That’s because Mr. Chahar, a freshman at Colgate, is more or less the university’s official twitterer — that is, someone who posts “tweets” on Twitter, the real-time message service that goes out to cell phones and computer screens. The university provides its home-page link to “follow Ajay Chahar” under the heading “’Gatetwitter.” The last update pretty much gives an indication of the excitement that is the life of Ajay: “finished physics class and now headed to the library!” The exclamation point is too much.

Mr. Chahar reportedly had 10 followers recently, but now he has nine. (Let’s see: Director of PR, one; university president, two; mom, three; dad, four….) Personally, I’ll wait for “’Gatetwitter: The Greek Edition.” —Scott Carlson

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