College Students Abroad Charged With Cyberattacks

On Thursday two college students from abroad were punished for allegedly perpetrating attacks on computer systems. In Japan a 24-year-old graduate student, Masato Nakatsuji, was arrested on suspicion of creating a computer virus, which he embedded in familiar animations and distributed through a file-sharing program, according to an article in Japan Today. Since Japan has no law forbidding the development of computer viruses, law-enforcement officials accused Mr. Nakatsuji of distributing images in violation of copyright law.

A 20-year-old Estonian, Dmitri Galushkevich, was fined for launching denial-of-service attacks that locked up the Web site of an Estonian political party, according to an article distributed by IDG News Service. Mr. Galushkevich’s fine is approximately $1,642. —Andrea L. Foster

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