Cornell U. Prepares a Pair of Webcasts on Copyright

Veterans of the campus file-sharing wars, and folks interested in copyright and fair-use doctrine, should be familiar with the work of Wendy Seltzer, a visiting assistant professor at Northeastern University who has argued strongly for copyright reform. Tomorrow Ms. Seltzer will deliver two lectures at Cornell University, and the institution will offer streaming video of both talks on its Web site.

The first session, “Protecting the University From Copyright Bullies,” at 3 p.m., will explore whether colleges can meet their own principles of academic freedom while enforcing current copyright laws. The second talk, “Righting the Copyright Balance,” at 7:30 p.m., will propose changes to existing copyright law and to the entertainment industry’s distribution models.

Both lectures should offer plenty of food for thought, and some pointed perspectives. Ms. Seltzer was formerly a lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has opposed the entertainment industry in court and in public debate. And in an editorial for The Harvard Crimson, she argued that colleges should do more to fight “the draconian copyright law that the copyright industry has forced upon us.” —Brock Read

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