Courses on Twitter? Not at U. of Phoenix

On April 1 Nicholas Carr, author of Does IT Matter? and other provocative technology books, broke the news on his blog that the University of Phoenix would soon begin offering courses via Twitter. “That sounds bizarre to me, but I admit to being behind the times when it comes to virtual learning,” he wrote. “Why not snippetize education? After all, you have to connect with students using the platforms they understand, and things like weighty textbooks and musty classrooms seem increasingly 20th century.”

We figured the report was an April Fool’s joke, but we called the press office at the University of Phoenix just to check. Sorry, Twitter lovers, no online courses yet. “University of Phoenix is not going to deliver courses via Twitter,” wrote Wendy Paul, executive director of public relations for the university. “With the limited characters you can post on Twitter, this wouldn’t be a feasible platform for a robust and quality academic curriculum.” That was the entire response, which, as it turns out, is too long for a Twitter message. —Jeffrey R. Young

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