Crosstalk: Web Strategy at Small Colleges, Student-Seating Visualization

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Web strategy for small colleges: They can lack the resources or the will to put cutting-edge Web solutions into place. But being cutting-edge isn’t really the point, writes Ron Bronson at EduStir, who goes over how employees at colleges with fewer resources can realistically approach a Web strategy.

State authorization won’t blow over: Colleges must get serious about obtaining authorization to operate in each state where they enroll online students, writes Russ Poulin at WCET Frontiers. “Stop waiting for clarity,” he says. Yes, the recently issued federal requirement was vacated by a judge, but it will return, he says.

Students, seated: Skyrill, a design agency, visualizes the varied seating habits of a class of graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the course of a semester. Try pressing the ‘Play Time-Series’ button (via Audrey Watters).

Alumni, analyzed: Collecting and analyzing data on alumni browsing habits—which newsletters they click on, how many times they visit the college’s Web site—can be a big help to fund raisers, write Peter Wylie and John Sammis on the CoolData Blog. They recommend that colleges push back against vendors who are reluctant to provide such data.

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