Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

Walk into any of several classrooms at Harvard University and you're likely to find just as many takes on whether students should be allowed to surf the Internet on their laptops. Some lecturers have laissez-faire views, while others order teaching assistants to penalize students who fire off e-mail messages when they should be taking notes. Still others use a high-tech tool to deactivate students' wireless access when their course schedules say they ought to be in class.

Like most institutions, Harvard lets professors decide whether or not to crack down on laptops in the lecture hall, The Harvard Crimson reports. The professors and administrators quoted in the newspaper seem glad that the university doesn't impose a campuswide policy on laptop use in the classroom. That's an issue, they say, best left for professors to hash out with their students. Are there many colleges out there that see merit in making broader policy pronouncements? –Brock Read

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