E-Books Will Make Up Majority of Saint Leo U.’s Library Come Fall

E-books will make up more than half of Saint Leo University’s library collection, starting this fall.

With the acquisition of a new e-book database, 53 percent of the library’s collection will consist of online material. Students are able to download e-books to their computers, smartphones, and iPads.

“To me, this is the way all universities will need to go,” said Brent Short, director of library services.

Mr. Short says the biggest benefit of e-books is that they are accessible anywhere and anytime. Expanding online material is particularly important at Saint Leo, where the majority of the student body is based off the campus, he said.

“We have people in the military that are on station in Iraq, so obviously, online resources are crucial for them,” he added.

Saint Leo’s library contains 116,000 e-books and 106,000 print titles. Although the library continues to add to its print collection, Mr. Short said that more money is going toward ordering e-books.

Since the library has made certain reference resources available online, he said, he has observed a sharp decline in student use of print equivalents.

“If you have the same reference title online and in print, the overwhelming tendency is to use the online version and pretty much ignore the print version,” said Mr. Short.

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