Engineering Salaries Are on the Rise in the United States

Despite the woes of the economic crisis, engineering salaries are going up in the United States. Electrical engineers at all levels of experience are particularly on demand, reports IEEE Spectrum. According to the National Association for Colleges and Employers, the field ranks third among ­bachelor’s degrees and second among master’s degrees on companies’ wish lists.

Starting salaries for electrical engineers are up 13 percent, and the average pay is $56,512, or 3.5 percent more than in 2007. The industries which demand this type of engineers the most are in the fields of defense, aerospace equipment, and medical and consumer electronics.

The United States is not producing enough new engineers to replace retiring ­employees, which has driven companies be more aggressive in their hiring and to go looking for future engineers on campus. Now they often go out in the fall to hunt for the most promising candidates, sometimes making job offers before Christmas. More of these offers include signing bonuses, which average $4,450—25 percent more than last year.

And more good news for electrical engineering interns: almost 7 out of 10 get job offers, while in 2001 only 57 percent did.—Maria José Viñas

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