Facebook to Students: We Still Love You

Maybe Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like all those headlines about social-network uprisings among Facebook’s old student base. This week Facebook threw a bone to students, in the form of a new “Universities on Facebook” page. The idea is to help students better use the site for campus activities like newspapers, dorm groups, and student government. In an announcement, Facebook called the page an attempt at “reconnecting” with students.

“The very existence of a page like this serves as a reminder of how Facebook has changed—where it was once a site designed by and for universities, they are now a specialized audience with a page catering to their specific needs,” blogged VentureBeat.

Still, this project doesn’t seem nearly as controversial as the “community pages” that had college marketing types freaking out back in May. By one account, at least, those are “still a big mess.”


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