Gates Foundation’s Mark Milliron Is Named First Chancellor of WGU Texas

Mark Milliron, an expert on the use of technology in higher education, will become the first chancellor of a new Texas spinoff of Western Governors University, the institution announced on Wednesday. Mr. Milliron is presently the deputy director of higher education at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This spring, the Gates Foundation awarded WGU, an online institution focused on competency-based learning, $4.5-million to support its recent expansions into Texas, Indiana, and Washington State. Asked about that grant, Mr. Milliron said it was led by Tom Dawson of Gates’ advocacy group, not his own group.

“I was a fan of the work, however—and still am, obviously,” he wrote in an e-mail. “It’s not uncommon for Gates folks who go back to the field to end up working with grantees given that we work with so many organizations in the education space.”

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