Google Gives Students a Portable Voice

“We’ve heard,” says Google’s official blog today, that “college students, in particular, really appreciate getting their voice mail sent to their e-mail, sending free text messages, and reading voice-mail transcriptions, rather than listening to messages (especially handy while in class).”

And not-so-coincidentally, Google has a service that does just that. Google Voice for Students gives a person all this for nothing—as long as that person has an e-mail address that ends in “.edu.” The rest of us, well, just have to know someone well-connected to get an invite.

Actually, it’s a nice service. You get a new phone number, and can forward all your other phones to that, and get all your mail in one place. And once you stop being amused by the way the transcription feature sometimes turns your friends’ words into things they didn’t really say, you will find it to be useful. Maybe on your new Android phone, also from Google? Which gives you Gmail, also from Google? And that you searched for and bought with a search engine, also from …

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