Lawyers for 2 Female Students at Yale Law School Learn Identities of Anonymous Online Attackers

Lawyers for two women at Yale Law School who charged a Web site with destroying their reputations have learned the identities of some of the individuals who posted to the site derogatory comments about the women, according to an article Wednesday in Wired.

A year ago the women sued an administrator for the Web site, AutoAdmit, and several others who posted messages to the site under pseudonyms. The messages were filled with misogynist attacks on the women. One message called one of the women a “stupid bitch.” In another, the commenter announced his/her intention to repeatedly sodomize one of the women.

The women who filed the lawsuit have not revealed their identities. They stated in their lawsuit that the online postings caused them to suffer emotionally and professionally.

The Wired article notes that the anonymous posters who have been unmasked by the women’s lawyers could have their fledgling legal careers short-circuited if their names are published in court records.—Andrea L. Foster

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