Microsoft and Google Come Calling for Facebook

Facebook officials can’t be thrilled to have drawn the attention of Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York State attorney general. But it’s worth remembering that the social-networking site also has a pair of more attractive suitors: Microsoft and Google.

As The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, both of those companies seem awfully interested in acquiring a piece of Facebook. Microsoft recently proposed to buy a 5-percent stake the social network, according to the newspaper, and its offer estimated Facebook’s overall value to be more than $10-billion.

Microsoft’s bid makes Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive officer, look smart for turning down a $1-billion offer that Yahoo reportedly made last fall. The social network’s year-old open-registration policy may have stoked Mr. Cuomo’s concerns about sexual predators, but it has also made Facebook an even hotter commodity for companies looking to get a leg up in the online-advertising market. —Brock Read

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