New Library-Tech Platform Emphasizes ‘Web Scale’ Strategy

The Online Computer Library Center today announced WorldShare, a tech platform and brand designed to emphasize “collaboration and app-sharing across the library community,” the group said in an announcement. OCLC is a nonprofit membership and research group that works on resource-sharing among libraries. It and its member libraries are responsible for WorldCat, the world’s largest public catalog of library records.

The driving idea behind WorldShare is Web-scale cooperation, according to the group. WorldShare is designed to  “enable library developers, partners, and other organizations to create, configure, and share a wide range of applications” well beyond institutional boundaries. OCLC also announced the creation of new data centers in Europe, Canada, and Australia to support WorldShare and other services. The first such center, in Britain, goes online this week, according to the group.

“‘Web scale’ has been OCLC’s mantra in recent years, supporting strategies that aim to leverage the collective efforts of libraries through shared information resources and technology infrastructure,” one commentator, Marshall Breeding, said in a post at Information Today. Mr. Breeding, a library-technology officer at Vanderbilt University, suggested that WorldShare “will have an enormous impact on the technology strategies for libraries throughout the world.”

A report on Library Journal‘s Digital Shift blog has more details on WorldShare and OCLC’s recent emphasis on cloud-based ILS, or integrated library systems.

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