New Policy Lets Anyone Post Materials on iTunesU

Everyone can now use the iTunesU platform to deliver course material, Apple announced on Wednesday. Before, only professors at a university working with iTunesU—which collects free lectures from partner universities—could post audio and video clips, syllabi, and documents via the platform.

Typically, universities apply to form a partnership with iTunesU. After Apple verifies that the applicant is an academically accredited institution, professors can post course materials on the platform, either for public access or privately for a select group of students.

With the change, any user, regardless of affiliation, can distribute content for up to 12 different courses. The courses must be private and limited to 50 students each. Professors must use the iTunesU app, which made its debut in January, to deliver the course, but students can access the content using the PC-compatible iTunes software.

Chris Wolverton, a professor of biology at Ohio Wesleyan University, said he will use the app to post materials for an “Introduction to Cell Biology” course he is teaching in the fall. The course usually has an enrollment of about 30 to 40 students.

“I’d been curious and wanting to package a course and deliver it this way for a while, to see if it’s worth the extra effort, if it’ll make students more engaged,” he said.

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