New Search Engine Generates Buzz Among Librarians

Some former Google employees have introduced a new search engine that they hope will overtake Google in popularity. The search engine is called Cuil, (pronounced “cool”) and it has been generating so much interest that its home page could not be opened at various points today.

Tom Costello, a former Stanford University researcher and one of the founders of the search engine, said Cuil culls through 120 billion Web pages, more pages than Google searches, according to an article today in The New York Times. But Google tells the paper it has the largest collection of documents searchable on the Web, and that it welcomes competition.

Cuil displays search results a bit differently from Google. Entries are longer and there are more pictures with the entries.

Bill Drew, a librarian at Tompkins Courtland Community College in New York, writes on his blog today that he was impressed with Cuil results after doing a search on his name. “The search retrieved over 160 hits spread over 19 pages of search results,” he writes “All appear to be very relevant. I was amazed at the depth of the results as well. It included many book reviews I wrote back in the early 1990s.”—Andrea L. Foster

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