North Carolina State U. Shares Campus History via New Smartphone Service

Lots of colleges are designing smartphone applications that make life more convenient for students by shrinking what they can already get on desktop computers. North Carolina State University today announced a new library service that carries that trend a step further, sharing campus history by taking advantage of a smartphone’s ability to sense your location.

The system, called WolfWalk, alerts pedestrians to information about nearby buildings and shows them hundreds of archival photos. One of the oldest is an 1890 shot that depicts the first freshman class, when the institution was called the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts.

“Particularly on college campuses, there’s a lot of history about what happened in certain places in certain times in the past and how the campus has changed over time,” says Tito Sierra, associate head for digital library development. “Our project is a way to help bring that to the fore using mobile devices.”

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