Ohio U. Tells IT Officials They’re Still Fired

A top administrator at Ohio University has upheld the dismissal of two IT officials who were fired in the wake of a string of computer-security breaches (The Chronicle, September 29).

Thomas Reid, then Ohio’s director of communication-network services, and Todd Acheson, a computer-systems administrator, were let go in July after an independent auditor sharply criticized their handling of several hacking incidents. In August both officials filed grievances, and last month, a panel of campus administrators argued that Mr. Reid and Mr. Acheson should get their jobs back (The Chronicle, October 5).

But the panel’s plea failed to sway Kathy A. Krendl, Ohio’s provost. Ms. Krendl decided this week not to reverse the firings of Mr. Reid and Mr. Acheson, according to the Associated Press: She wrote letters to both former employees, chiding them for “failing to take the necessary proactive steps to protect confidential information.”

Mr. Acheson’s lawyer was quick to strike back, arguing that Ms. Krendl was one of several administrators who refused to pay for steps that would have bolstered Ohio’s computer security. —Brock Read

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