Professor Says He Was Assaulted Over Wearable Computer Glasses

A Canadian professor says he was attacked at a McDonald’s restaurant in Paris for taking pictures with his “digital eyeglasses.”

Steve Mann, who is in the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto, has worn the aluminum-and-glass contraption, which he designed, since the 1980s. It’s similar to Google’s Project Glass, which the company recently introduced. Like the eyeglasses created by Google, Mr. Mann’s can record everything he sees. But Mr. Mann says his device, unlike Google’s, is physically attached to his skull and cannot be removed without special tools.

Writing about the July 1 incident on his blog, Mr. Mann says an employee at the restaurant asked him to take off his glasses because of a “no cameras” rule. Mr. Mann showed the employee a doctor’s note and proceeded to order his food.

While he was eating with his family, however, another employee approached Mr. Mann and tried to pull off his glasses, the professor says. He says employees later destroyed his doctor’s note and documentation. Mr. Mann’s glasses captured images of the incident, and he has posted some on his blog.

McDonald’s released a statement on Wednesday saying that, after an investigation, the franchise concluded that the employee interaction with Mr. Mann had been polite and had not involved physical interaction.

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