Professors Are Not Sold on Twitter’s Usefulness

We’ve been told that college students aren’t Twitter’s primary audience – people under the age of 25 make up only a quarter of the service’s users. But are college professors driving up membership? Not really, a new survey from Faculty Focus shows.

According to results of a survey released this week of more than 1,900 higher-education professionals, more than half say they have never used Twitter, 30 percent use it, and nearly 13 percent tried it but decided to abandon it.

Those that don’t use Twitter aren’t convinced that it has a purpose in the classroom. Twenty percent of nonusers say there is a “50/50 chance” they would use it as a learning tool.

“It seems like another Web 2.0 technology that people are adopting simply because of its buzz factor and not a true ability to support teaching and learning,” one responder wrote.

Does anyone out there Tweet with their students? If so, how have you found it to be useful?

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