QuickWire: Ann Wolpert, Director of MIT Libraries, Dies

Ann J. Wolpert, who had led the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Libraries since 1996, has died after a brief illness, MIT announced on Wednesday.

Ms. Wolpert, who was 70, came to MIT from the Harvard Business School, where she was director of library and information services. At MIT she became a champion of digital preservation and greater access to scholarship, and she oversaw the creation of DSpace, “an open-source digital archive for faculty output that has been adopted by more than 1,000 institutions worldwide,” according to the university’s obituary.

Ms. Wolpert was also one of the forces behind the open-access policy the MIT faculty adopted in 2009. In February of this year she published an article in The New England Journal of Medicine about “the inevitability of open access.” Ms. Wolpert wrote: “There is no doubt that the public interests vested in funding agencies, universities, libraries, and authors, together with the power and reach of the Internet, have created a compelling and necessary momentum for open access. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be inexpensive, but it is only a matter of time.”

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