QuickWire: Deal Adds Campus-Security Features to Blackboard App

Students and campus-security officials alike are increasingly turning to mobile apps to report incidents and disseminate emergency information—in part because students are “mobile-device driven,” as one university police chief puts it, and in part because those devices incorporate features, like GPS and cameras, that can come in handy when reporting a problem.

Now Blackboard, the course-management heavyweight, is setting up a partnership that will incorporate an app called In Case of Crisis into the Blackboard mobile app, Mosaic.

According to a news release, the enhancement can store up-to-date emergency information on the mobile device, so the information is available even if the device loses contact with wireless and cellular networks. Colleges will also be able to send emergency alerts to the devices, and students and other users will be able to report incidents—along with precise location data—or seek help, anonymously if necessary.

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