QuickWire: Internet2 Adds Video Service to Offerings for Members

Internet2, an education-technology consortium that develops and maintains networks and education and research applications, has added audio- and videoconferencing services to a portfolio of cloud-based offerings available to member colleges.

The addition of discounted services from FuzeBox, which provides online meetings, follows a pilot program at Saint Louis University in which administrators, instructors, and students used FuzeBox across the university’s campuses, in St. Louis and Madrid, to conduct classes, meetings, office hours, and study sessions, among other things.

A one-semester trial for the consortium’s members starts at $5,000.

Internet2 is building out a catalog of cloud-based products, known as the Internet2 Net+ initiative, to connect campus-technology administrators with services well suited to higher education. All of the services and applications are tested and evaluated in advance by consortium members for usability and cost-effectiveness, with the idea that other colleges can save time and energy by relying on research that’s already been done.

“We are just scratching the surface on the transformational impact the use of the emerging next-generation, high-definition, anyone-to-anywhere, real-time video-collaboration products can have within research and education,” Shelton Waggener, senior vice president of Internet2, said in a written statement.

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