QuickWire: Texas A&M U. Stadium Will Add 163-Foot-Wide Video Screen

As part of a $450-million expansion of its football stadium, Kyle Field, Texas A&M University will add what the manufacturer says is “the largest video display in all of college football”—a 47-foot-high by 163-foot-wide screen featuring high-definition LED technology. The display will be mounted over the seats in the south end zone, and will be complemented by two 36-by-54-foot screens in opposite corners of the north end zone.

A news release from the manufacturer, Daktronics, says the display will be installed in time for this fall’s games. It can show either a single giant image or “be divided into separate windows to show all the other information that fans crave as part of the enhanced in-game experience, including a variety of vivid graphics, real-time statistics, scoring information, and sponsor elements.”

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