Report Measures Librarians’ Time Reading Job-Related Materials

Librarians spend an average 22 minutes a day reading print publications relating to their job and an average 10 minutes a day reading library-themed blogs, a survey has found.

Primary Research Group surveyed 555 full-time academic librarians in the United States and Canada for the report, released this week.

Librarians who were at least 60 years old spent the most time reading print publications, at 31 minutes a day. Academic librarians 30 or under spent the most time reading library-related blogs, at 19 minutes a day.

James Moses, the company’s director of research, said it was interested in monitoring technology use because academic librarians’ profession is so information-intensive. “They’re sort of the canary in the coal mine for technology in broader society,” he said.

The survey also tracked conference expenses, such as the average amount of money spent by librarians on lodging, meals, and travel costs. In that category, U.S. librarians spent an average of $1,484 over the past two years, while Canadians spent an average of $2,419.

Among surveys of academic librarians that Primary Research Group has in the works, Mr. Moses said, is one on how librarians view major Web services, such as Google and Bing, and how they feel about new library technologies.

A full version of the report is available for purchase on the Primary Research Group Web site.


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